Synology DS1512+ RAM Upgrade to 3GB – A How to Guide

Upgrading your Synology DS1512+ to 3GB of RAM

1. Purchase compatible memory

The first step in your Synology DS1512+ RAM Upgrade is to acquire a compatible RAM module.

Synology states the DS1512+ supports: 2GB -DDR3-1066 unbuffered So-DIMM 204pin CL=7 1.5V

The Synology Community Forum seems to support that the Kingtson KVR1066D3S8S7/2G is the best choice for the DS1512+.  This is what I decided to go with and the upgrade went smoothly.  My DS1512+ passed all memory diagnostics and is running great with this stick of RAM.

Alternatively, there are several other User Reported Compatible RAM modules to choose from.  Just ensure that you purchase a module that is fully compatible with your DS1512+.

Kingston KVR1066D3S8S7/2G Memory

Kingston KVR1066D3S8S7/2G Memory

2. Remove five screws from rear of DS1512+

Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the five screws holding the cover panel in place on the rear side of the DS1512+.

Screw hole locations on rear of Synology DS1512+

Screw hole locations on rear of Synology DS1512+

3. Slide the cover panel off

Place your thumbs on the indicated positions and then slide the cover panel toward you to remove.

Rear view of Synology DS1512+

Rear view of Synology DS1512+

4. Gain Access to the expandable memory slot

Locate the expandable memory slot (pictured below)

Synology DS1512+ Expandable Memory Slot

Synology DS1512+ Expandable Memory Slot

5. Insert the RAM module into the expandable memory slot

Align the RAM module with the grooves of the memory slot.  (It will only fit one way).  You will need to insert the module at an angle (shown in the picture below).

Installing 2GB of RAM into Synology DS1512+ Memory Slot

Installing 2GB of RAM into Synology DS1512+ Memory Slot

6. Lock the RAM module in place

Slowly push the RAM module down until you hear a solid click.  Note the two capture arms on both side should hold the RAM module in a locked position.

Synology DS1512+ Expandable Memory Slot with 2GB of RAM Installed

Synology DS1512+ Expandable Memory Slot with 2GB of RAM Installed

7. Reassemble your DS1512+

Reverse the above steps. Slide the cover panel back on and reinstall five screws to secure the cover panel

8. Power on and verify RAM upgrade

Power on your DS1512+. After a few moments you should hear a single beep indicating a successful boot. Log in to your DS1512+ and open System Information to verify that your new Synology DS1512+ RAM Upgrade is complete!

Synology DS1512+ DSM System Information

Synology DS1512+ DSM System Information

5 Responses

  1. Pete says:

    Thanks for the tutorial – very straight forward!

    i just got one of these for our office to use as a raid5 nas backup.
    it seems to be running great – what would be the utility of upgrading the RAM?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but would this be more for people using it as a media server?

    • Jake says:

      The DS1512+ can run a variety of functions (File Server, FTP Server, WebStation, PhotoStation, AudioStation, Cloud Solution, VPN, Surveillance, the list goes on and on…). Additionally, the application store adds a ton of capabilities (Directory Server, DHCP Server, RADIUS Server, Mail Server, DNS Server, and many many more.
      There is a lot you can ask your DS1512+ to do, and the more you ask of it, the more the RAM upgrade will benefit you.
      Even if you are only running a few services, consider your user base as well. If you have a lot of simultaneous connections to the device, a RAM bump can make for a noticeable improvement.
      More is often better, and in this case a relatively inexpensive RAM upgrade will likely serve you well.

  2. Kelly says:

    Is your 1512+ still at 3GBs of RAM or did you add more? What are your transfer speeds like with the memory upgrade? Any performance issues with DSM 5?


  3. Bobby says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to add to the”User Reported Compatible RAM modules” wiki page, so I thought I’d comment here and hope it helps someone in the future. I just installed a Hynix 2GB PC3 – 10600S – 9 – 10 – B1 HMT325S6BFR8C-H9 NO AA into my Synology DS1512+ without any issue. It took a while to boot up (to recognize the RAM I suppose), but other than that, no problems!

  4. Michael says:

    Brilliant, worked perfectly. Excellent guide.

    Like Kelly, I’m interested in what performance boosts you saw as well.

    The only place the unit was lacking before the upgrade was hardcore 1080p transcoding.

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