Learn PowerShell Video + Blog Series

Learn PowerShell Video & Blog Series

Welcome to the Learn PowerShell Video & Blog Series! This PowerShell training series aims to provide you with operationally focused training that will help you learn and use PowerShell quickly.

Whether you prefer reading or watching, this course has you covered. For each PowerShell topic, you’ll find a corresponding blog post and training video, making it easy to learn in your preferred format.

Additionally, you can dive right into the code or reference examples from the Learn-PowerShell-Code-Examples GitHub repository.

This series is just phenomenal – finding something like this on YouTube can be a hit or miss, let alone specific to this subject – I’m just so appreciative… thank you so much. This is Udemy quality if not more.

– Kyle

Best PowerShell video on whole Youtube. Period.

– bgn

Learning lots from this series, great work!

– Dan Robson

Honestly amazing instruction. Thank you!

– Mohamed Aly

Best PowerShell series on YouTube, if not the entire internet. Thank you so much.

– Rekke

Learn PowerShell Episodes

EP.0 – Should you learn PowerShell?

A commitment to learn PowerShell will not be a small investment of your time. First explore what PowerShell is capable of, who is using it, and how it compares to other languages. Determine if PowerShell makes sense for you in today’s technology landscape.

Corresponding blog article: Should you learn PowerShell?

EP.1 – PowerShell Basics

Learn PowerShell by leveraging three basic PowerShell commands. In this first episode of Learn PowerShell you’ll be introduced to some of the PowerShell basics to get you using PowerShell quickly. Start by learning just three cmdlets that open the power of PowerShell!

Corresponding blog article: Learn and use PowerShell with just three commands

EP.2 – PowerShell Pipeline

Learn how to leverage the PowerShell pipeline to pipe objects between cmdlets. See how object results from one cmdlet can be used by another. In this second episode of Learn PowerShell you’ll see how the pipeline operator makes PowerShell so powerful!

Corresponding blog article: Working with the PowerShell Pipeline

EP.3 – State of the Shell

Learn where PowerShell is today, and where it is headed tomorrow. In this third episode of Learn PowerShell you’ll take a brief look at PowerShell history, and then explore the current and future state of PowerShell. You’ll also get some insight into the different versions of PowerShell including Windows PowerShell 5.1 vs PowerShell 6+.

Corresponding blog article: PowerShell History and Current State

EP.4 – PowerShell Dev Setup

Learn how to configure and setup your computer for PowerShell Development. In this fourth episode of Learn PowerShell you learn to start coding PowerShell daily with a few free components and easy configuration. Follow along with this video for an easy step-by-step walk-through for getting setup to start writing PowerShell.

Corresponding blog article: Getting setup for PowerShell Development

EP.5 – Working With PowerShell Variables

Learn how to use and work with PowerShell variables. In this fifth episode of Learn PowerShell you’ll start to understand variable types, and how to identify PowerShell constant and environment variables. I’ll demo how to strongly type variables, and how different types of quotes can impact PowerShell variable use. Finish this lesson off with an easy how to example that demos PowerShell use in the real world!

Corresponding blog article: Working With PowerShell Variables

EP.6 – Taking Control with PowerShell Logic

Learn how to enhance your PowerShell by using PowerShell logic controls. In this sixth episode of Learn PowerShell we’ll explore if, elseif, conditional tests, loops, and switches. I walk-through each logic control and demo an example. Finish this lesson of with a real world practical example that shows you how to combine PowerShell logic controls together to create powerful results!

Corresponding blog article: Taking Control with PowerShell Logic

EP.7 – PowerShell Input & Output

Learn how to take in more dynamic PowerShell input and generate various types of PowerShell output. Take more control of your PowerShell Input & Output in this short video demo. See examples of how to prompt for user input, retrieve information from the web, and use PowerShell to get file content as your input. Wrap up with various demos on how to output to console and file.

Corresponding blog article: PowerShell Input & Output

EP.8 – PowerShell Errors and Exceptions Handling

Learn how to handle PowerShell Errors and Exceptions. See how to recognize and deal with non-terminating and terminating PowerShell errors. Take control and handle various errors with try catch. Explore rich PowerShell error objects and see how to drill down into error properties. Wrap up with a practical example where you can provide better feedback to your users when your PowerShell code encounters the unexpected.

Corresponding blog article: PowerShell Errors and Exceptions Handling

Ep.9 – PowerShell Remoting

Learn how to manage remote devices in your environment with PowerShell remoting. Connect to one or hundreds of devices using the power of PowerShell! I’ll demo how to remotely manage Windows devices via WinRM and show you Linux to Linux over PowerShell using ssh. You’ll learn how to create sessions to individual as well as multiple devices. Wrap up with a practical example where you can audit your entire environment in just a few minutes using basic PowerShell logic.

Corresponding blog article: PowerShell Remoting

Ep.10 – PowerShell Scripts

Learn how to create and run PowerShell scripts. Adjust your execution policy to permit scripts on your system, and understand script scope. Get your first introduction to the param block and how it enables powerful dynamic capability. Follow along with an example and watch the process in a live script session. See the thought process and workflow that goes into scripting PowerShell solutions and writing your own PowerShell scripts.

Corresponding blog article: PowerShell Scripts

Ep.11 – PowerShell Functions

Learn how to work with PowerShell Functions. Discover the difference between an advanced and standard PowerShell function. I also tackle the question of why you might write a PowerShell Function vs PowerShell Script. Go beyond theory – this episode uses real life fully functional PowerShell Functions to explore how functions are made and how they operate.

Corresponding blog article: PowerShell Functions

Ep.12 – Manage Cloud with PowerShell

Learn how to manage cloud with PowerShell on all three major cloud providers, AWS, Azure, Google. Use PowerShell to harness the power of the cloud! Discover how to authenticate your PowerShell session to your cloud account and then create and manage resources. I wrap up this episode with a fully working example of creating and securing cloud resources demoing AWS and Azure side-by-side!

Corresponding blog article: Manage Cloud With PowerShell

Ep.13 – PowerShell Modules

Learn how to both use and create PowerShell Modules. Discover what components make up a PowerShell module. See how to discover modules, install modules, and import PowerShell modules. Watch as in this episode I take a fully functional PowerShell module and walk through how to publish it to the PowerShell Gallery.

Corresponding blog article: PowerShell Modules

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