Synology DS112 Basic Setup Guide

Synology DS112 DiskStation step by step setup guide

I’m a big fan of Synology.  Their NAS stations are fairly simple to setup and configure, are rock solid, and can perform a myriad of different functions.  The accompanying DiskStation Manager system is intuitive, easy to navigate, and gives a lot of customization control over the device as well.

Recently, I found myself wanting to set up a home IP camera system and I wanted to dedicate a device to the task of recording video from the various cameras throughout my home.  After a lot of research I decided on the DS112.

I paired it with a Western Digital WD20EURS.  This Western Digital Green WD-AV drive is specifically designed and optimized for 24×7 video streaming.

Unboxed DiskStation DS112 with Western Digital WD20EURS-63S48Y0

Synology DS112 with WD20EURS-63S48Y0

Synology DS112 Box

Synology DS112 Box

Step1: Unbox DS112 and hard drive

Unboxed Synology DS112 with accessories

Synology DS112 with accessories

Western Digital Green WD20EURS-63548Y0


Step2: Remove two screws from rear of DS211

Rear view of Synology DS112

Rear of Synology DS112

Step3: Open DS112

The two pieces of the NAS slide apart, just gently slide the front piece forward and you will wind up with your unit looking the picture below.

Dissembled Synology DS112

Dissembled Synology DS112

Step4: Place hard drive into unit

Gently place your hard drive in between the two mounting plates with the SATA and power connectors facing to the rear.

WD20EURS-63548Y0 inside Synology DS112

WD20EURS inside DS112

Step5: Ensure hard drive is aligned and slide backward

If done correctly your drive should appear the same as the picture below.  You should be able to see how the SATA and power connectors from the drive will slide into the DS112 receptacles.  When aligned properly, gently slide the drive back into position.

Connecting WD20EURS-63548Y0 to Synology DS112

Inserting WD20EURS-63548Y0 into Synology DS112

Step6: Install 4 screws into hard drive mounts

Don’t over-tighten.

Installing WD20EURS-63548Y0 into Synology DS112

WD20EURS disk installation into DS112

Installed WD20EURS-63548Y0 into Synology DS112

WD20EURS installed into DS112

Step7: Reassemble DS112

Synology DS112

Synology DS112

Step8: Install DS112 into desired location

Choose an appropriate location and run power and LAN cable to the unit.  I chose to place my DS112 (shown far left) right next to my other two Synology devices, the DS209, and the DS1512+

Synology DS112 with Synology DS209 and Synology DS1512+

Installed Synology DS112 with DS209 and DS1512+

Step9: Open the Synology Assistant and search your network

The Synology Assistant can be obtainted from the Synology Download Center.  It will scan your network and find your new Synology device and will assist in loading the DiskStation Manager (the unit’s Operating System) onto the DS112.

Synology Assistant initial Management Screen

Synology Assistant Management

Step10: Install the DiskStation Manager (DSM)

The operating system for you Synology DS112 is called DiskStation Manager or DSM.  Make sure not to use the one found on your accompanying CD as it is likely outdated.  Instead, download the latest DSM release from the Synology Download Center.

Synology Assistant Setup Wizard - DSM Installation

Synology Assistant DSM Installation

Step11: Setup administrator password and server name

Synology Assistant Setup Wizard - Server Information Administrator Account

Synology Assistant Administrator Setup

Step12: Set network configuration

I recommend that you use a static IP in case you want to open up ports to your DS112, which you likely will.  In most home user environments your subnet will be and the Gateway will be your router’s IP address.  Adjust accordingly if your setup differs.


Step13: Wait for DSM to finish installing

This can take a while

Synology Assistant Installing DSM Progress Screen

Synology Assistant Installing DSM

Step14: Login to DS112

Just open your favorite browser and type in the IP address you chose in step 12Synology DiskStation Manager Login Screen

Step15: Prepare your new hard disk by setting up a Synology volume

While not difficult to do, there are a lot of different ways to accomplish this, and several choices you have to make.  Suffice to say I recommend you check out the official Synology volume creator guide to walk you through the process.

For my purposes I just chose a basic volume setup.  You should adjust accordingly to meet your own needs.

Synology DiskStation Manager Storage Mangafer

Step15: Configure your NAS

At this point your DS112 is ready to be setup and configured to perform your desired function.  There are quite literally thousands of options.  The Synology Forums are a great place to get started.

For my purposes as a video station I needed to download and install the Surveillance station add-on package.  See below for details:

Optional: Access Package Center

Synology DiskStation Manager Package Center

Synology DSM Package Center

Optional: Download and install Surveillance Station

Synology DiskStation Manager Package Center - Surveillance Station

Synology DSM Package Center – Surveillance Station

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  1. Hi,

    I have a DS112+ with 4 HDs that has not been used for quite a while and would like to use it again as well as ACCESS the backed up files.

    How do I do this?

    Tom B

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