Sandy Bridge-E Build Benchmark Results

Benchmarking Custom Sandy Bridge-E Build

After finishing my recent Socket 2011 Sandy Bridge-E Build I ran a few benchmarks to gauge overall performance.  I was not disappointed.  The upgrade crushes my old Core2Duo system in every test.

Old System
New System
 Performance Increase
Core2Duo 3.0GHz Core i7-3930k 4.4GHz + 740%
4GB DDR2-800 16GB DDR3-2133 +138%
NVIDIA GTX 280 Radeon HD 7870 +156%
2x250GB WD 7200RPM – Raid 0 2x128GB Samsung 830 SSD – Raid 0  +581%


I ran the following benchmarks to measure performance:

I’ve included the results of all my current benchmarks below if you’d like to compare specifics.

Benchmark Results


OpenGL: 90.42fps   |   CPU: 13.11pts

Benchmark results for CINEBENCH

Unigine Heaven

FPS: 67.0   |   Scores: 1687   |   MinFPS: 35.9   |   MaxFPS: 119.2

Results of Unigine Heaven Benchmark


Overall Score: P7222 3DMarks

Overall Score for 3DMark11 Benchmark

Details of 3DMark11 Benchmark Part 1Details of 3DMark11 Benchmark Part 2


Overall Score: 6145 PCMarks

Overall Score for PCMark7 Benchmark

Details of PCMark7 Benchmark Part 1Details of PCMark7 Benchmark Part 2Details of PCMark7 Benchmark Part 3Details of PCMark7 Benchmark Part 4


Benchmark results for CrystalDiskMark


NovaBench Score: 2238   |   Ram: 272   |   Graphics: 767   |   HardDrive: 39

Benchmark results for NovaBench

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  1. JACK says:

    This is a sweet build! I just bought a Gigabyte 7870 GHz edition for my custom PC (i7 2600, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD 7200RPM,, 750W PSU). Upgraded from a 560 Ti, can’t wait to see the results! :)

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