ADPinger – a tool for removing old computer accounts in AD

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v0.9.9.9 beta – a program for removing old computer accounts

ADPinger is finally out for public beta!  You can find out more on the ADPinger website.

I created ADPinger to help me more effectively manage my Active Directory environment at work.  Specifically, to help identify old computer accounts on the domain that were no longer active, and that could be removed.

Before ADPinger I utilized other methods to identify old computer accounts, such as dsquery.  However, these methods are often dependent on the ‘last logon’ feature.  In many cases ‘last logon’ doesn’t fully indicate the status of a device on the domain.  ADPinger aims to compliment dsquery and other tools to provide an administrator with a comprehensive health status of devices within Active Directory.  To date, it has proven extremely effective in doing just that.

Now, after countless hours of in-house testing, a largely successful closed beta, and a lot of coding hours fixing bugs found in the closed beta, ADPinger is ready for a public beta.



What does ADPinger do?

Here’s an excerpt from the ADPinger website:

ADPinger is a tool designed for Active Directory administrators to assist with managing devices within the Active Directory environment.  Its purpose is to assist administrators in identifying old and unused computer accounts that can safely be deleted. This is accomplished by rapidly sending ICMP ping requests to all objects within an Organizational Unit or Active Directory container. ADPinger is designed from the ground up to accomplish this with minimal network impact. In many cases, you may be hard pressed to even notice the traffic it generates.

It is capable of generating an overall health status of an OU / container after a scan.  It can also save the results of a scan to a CSV report for more robust data manipulation and tracking.

Put simply, the program loads all device names from an OU that you specify.  It then begins sending ICMP requests (ping) to all devices in very rapid succession.  ADPinger can typically ping over 9000 devices in less than two minutes depending on your network infrastructure and processor speed.  You can just look at the provided health graph, or you can save a detailed report to comb through all the detailed results.  You can even use the data to create detailed reports in Excel or another program of your choosing.

I would suggest using ADPinger to first get an overall health status of your chosen OU.  Then establish a time-frame for deleting old computer accounts.  How often do you want to scan?  Once a week?  Twice a week?  Should you vary scan times to catch shift-workers?  How many weeks should a device report ‘No Such Host‘ before being removed?  6 weeks?  10 weeks?  Keep in mind that devices reporting ‘No Such Host‘ no longer have a DNS entry.

This program has done some great things for my environment, and I hope it proves to be a useful administration tool for you as well.

If you find a bug or have a suggestion, please send it to: [email protected]

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